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Wholesale & collaboration

Sustainable relations

Coffee delivery in your café

Our business Dagger Coffee is based on the idea of sustainability. For us this goes beyond offering reusable packing. Our sense of sustainability is how we build relationships. Like the relationships we like building with our wholesale clients. Thanks to our own experience in running a coffee shop (and also working and visiting in many!) we are familiar with the challenges and opportunities you will meet as a cafe owner.

We consult in working as efficiently, fast and enjoyable as possible. Together we can set you up with tips, tricks and tools to help eliminate waste. To get the best out of your coffee, we will give you as much guidance as needed. This has a different meaning for every bar, and we love to cater to your needs.

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Quality & sustainablity

Collaborate with Dagger Coffee

We can help your (cocktail)bar create the perfect signature (cocktail) in which the flavours of our coffee are perfectly pronounced. We can also provide barista training for your entire team. Resulting in all bar staff becoming experts in making hearts, rosetta's and double inverted tulips in their cappuccinos. If desired we can work towards certifying your staff regarding the Barista Hustle standards, where we focus on timing, working detailed and consistent.

All coffees we deliver are up to Dagger Coffee standards. Which means the coffee is grown by producers who value emancipation and a healthy ecosystem on and around their coffee farm. We will always make sure you know the details of where your coffee comes from. We will make you familiar with the stories of our coffee producers and help you get the best out of our coffee.

The partnerships we engage in are not just a customer and supplier relation. We think it is important to offer more than that and to build a business relationship as well as a human and social connection, in which we can learn from each other and in which our businesses can mutually grow.

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