Cleaning Powder

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This cleaning powder has been developed especially for espresso machines and it is biodegradable. This means that there won’t be any toxic waste left in the water that was used to clean the machine. Therefore this powder is good for the environment and great for your espresso machine. Cleaning an espresso machine is mostly removing excess oils. This powder removes these types of coffee oils from your espresso machines and your portafilters. 



If the espresso machine is used in a professional service industry environment it is advised to clean the machine once a day using this power. For home baristas, cleaning the machine once a week will suffice.  To clean your espresso machine, use a blind filter. Put some cleaning powder in your blind filter inserted in your espresso machine and turn the machine on and off for five times. Now rinse the blind filter and flush the machine. Redo the process of turning your machine on and off for five times, with the blind filter but without the powder. This removes the left over cleaning powder. Please don’t use this if you use a lever machine. The machine works different making this back flush cleaning routine unnecessary. To soak your portafilters, use a small scoop of powder. Let you portafilters soak for 15 – 30 minutes in just boiled water. Rinse really well, and make sure all coffee oils are removed. 

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