VST filter baskets (18 grams)

Coffee tools

40.00 incl btw

These filter baskets are a must have. This might just be the smallest investment, to create the biggest win in flavour. They enable you to extract your coffee more evenly. The exact distance and size of the holes is something NASA would be endorsing. When purchasing these baskets you will receive a complimentary certificate with the results of testing the standardised deviation between the holes and the size of the holes. This stuff is legit! This manufacturer also provided the filter baskets used during the World Barista Championships, although they use a bigger size. This basket can hold approximately 18 grams of coffee. 

In addition to this basket we advice a tamper that fits well in this basket, like the Barista Hustle tamper. This will help you extract more out of your coffee.

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Additional information


Stainless steel


Outside Ø: 60 mm. Fits to a tamper sized: Ø 58.3 – 58.4 mm

Hoogte filterbakje

24.2 mm

Past in de deze machines

Will fit in most: La Marzocco, San Remo, Synesso, Nuova Simonelli, Faema, La Cimbali en Rancilio-machines met standaard portafilters. Will likely fit in any naked portafilter.

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