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An Aeropress is an iconic item. There’s even a documentary about it. The packaging might be even more iconic, but of course it’s about what’s inside. The Aeropress is a coffee making device which makes it nearly impossible to brew a bad tasting coffee. There are countless recipes and ways to brew your Aeropress you can try. There are even dices (also available on an app) which can help you into making a brewing decision.

We even like to take our Aeropress with us on vacation, because it’s unbreakable, pouring the water on the coffee is really easy even with a simple kettle and there is even room to pack a travel sized hand grinder inside! The only downside is that you can only brew one big mug or two smaller sized portions at the time.

The flavour produced by an Aeropress can be described as being a bit more bodied. Because of the small holes on the sided of the filter, small pieces of coffee can escape. Making at least the appearance of  the coffee a but more cloudy. We especially love this brewing method for “juicy” coffees, a character you would often find for instance with Kenyan coffees.

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Plastic, rubber


Dark transparant


Filters (350), stirrer, coffee scoop, filter holder.

Hoeveelheid (ml) gezetten koffie

250 ml

Aangeraden hoeveelheid (gr) gemalen koffie

15 – 30 grams


The Aeropress gives you endless possibilities to brew. For a fairly strong coffee you can use up to 30 grams of coffee, but even with half of that you can brew a decent drink. The Aeropress can hold around 250 grams of water when you brew it. Would you like to learn how to brew your coffee more consistently? Check out our wide variety of training possibilities.

Would you like to learn how to brew your Aeropress more consistently? Check our available training dates on our website.

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