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225.00 incl btw

During the training we will shortly revisit the theory from the online module of “Barista Hustle”. We will be making and tasting different coffees. The goal of this training is to learn how to recognise certain flavour properties of coffee and how to influence these. Does the coffee taste dry or is the aftertaste unpleasant? At the end of this training you will be able to adjust these characteristics in your coffee all by yourself. We ask all our students to finish the online module ahead of the training so we can start practicing immediately. To pass the test for a certificate you have to prepare four espressos within the guidelines and with a time limit of forty seconds. The milk drinks have to be ready within three minutes and thirty seconds and just like the espresso drinks they need to be made conform to the guidelines to consistently follow your espresso recipes.

For this training you can take an exam. It includes a practical and theoretical part. We always schedule a private session of approximately a little less than one hours. The coasts for this are €25. By passing the exam you will be granted a certificate of “Baseline Barista” 

For more information check out our Barista One training page. Here you will also find information for a private (group) booking.

This training is held every other month. 

  • Duration 6 hours (including lunch, served by us)
  • Min. 2 persons, max. 4 persons (we can take bigger groups on request)
  • Europalaan 500, Utrecht
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