Coffee Colombia, El Encanto

Falvour profile: Tropical fruit. Pineapple and bubblegum

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El Encanto – Luis Saldarriaga

The fresh harvest is in! We happy to welcome El Encanto back. Compared to last year, this years coffee might even be a bit fruitier. The producer, Juan, had added a bit more fruit driven flavour in the fermentation process. This is a nice added flavour with the varieties of Colombia and Castillo, which are a naturally a bit more bold in flavour.

Juan has been producing specialty coffee for over multiple years now. It’s interested all started while in university in Germany. Juan witness the rapid rise of specialty coffee in Europe and wondered if this is what they should do with the family farm. His dad, Luis, granted permission, but only if Juan moved back to Colombia. And so he did. He shifted the entire work flow of the farm towards quality instead of quantity. All neighbouring farms told him he was crazy to take these risk. Today he has proven that this new way of farming can yield in premiums and delicious coffee. Inspiring more farmers to take this risk to produce specialty coffee.

The region, Antioquia, is known for its bold, boring coffee flavours. Juan is radically creating different flavour profiles, thanks to his fermentation techniques. His farm is also differently laid out, than the traditional  practiced of the region. A third of his farm is covered in forest, to enhance the bio-diversity of the region. But there is more Juan is doing different. He strips the coffee trees at the end of the harvest. Limiting him from having a second harvest (second harvest are a thing in this region of the world!). Juan is sure this really benefits the flavour of the coffee cherries. He believed there will be more nutrients available, to create more complexity in the final cup.

What we believe it the “signature flavour” of Juan, is its “clean flavour” of natural processed coffees. Which means there is a great balance in the coffee, while still presenting fruit forwards flavours like tropical fruits. As you would expect from a natural.

At this time we roast every other Friday. The coffee will be send out after it has passed our quality control. The coffee we send out is a maximum of two weeks old. It usually takes around a week for the coffee to reach your doorstep. 


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El Encanto


Familie Saldarriaga

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1380 – 1600 meter



Flavour profile

Tropical fruits. Pineapple and bubblegum

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