Coffee Colombia, Finca El Paraïso (Cauca)

Flavour profile: Stone fruits. Tasting like milk chocolate and candied peach

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El Paraïso – Diego Bermudez 


Diego is a fermentation wizard. He is one of the first people in Colombia experimenting with adding different types of micro-organisms to create a desired flavour profile. To make a comparison, this is general practice when we talk about wine makers. But for coffee this is truely pioneering.

Not only is he controlling the fermentation culture, he is also controlling the entire environment. What he is known for is his use of temperature. He brings the fermentation to around 40C and when he believes the times is right, he flushes the fermentation with a “thermal shock” of around 12C which changes the entire environment and gives him the control to create these amazing flavour profiles.

What we love about his work, is that you can taste the variety of the coffee still very well (keep noticing the chocolate notes and the body), while adding a bright level of flavour, brought to you by this fermentation wizard.

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Huila, Colombia


Finca El Paraïso


Diego Bermudez

Processing method

Washed (thermal shock)


1800 masl

Coffee bean variety


Flavour profile

Stonefruit flavour profile: tastes like candies peaches and chocolate

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€ 16,73 (farm gate: €13,66)

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€ 4,66 (current Fair Trade prijs €2,58)

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First time (2022 – 140 kilo)

Quality score

85.5 (by The Coffee Quest)