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Flavour profile: chocolate. Tasting like milk chocolate

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El Paraïso – Ernedis Rodriguez

Welcome to the Paraïso of Rodrguez’. This Idiclic piece of lands is close to the village Gigante in Huila, Colombia. The farm is located on top of a mountain, facing the west (hello gorgeous sun sets!!) with a view on a valley with rivers running trough them. Half of the farm is planted with coffee trees, while the other half is part of a nature reserve.

The man of the house, Ernedis, usually calls the farm “The Comany”, which resembles pretty well how the farm is managed. Everything they do is very organised and they innovate the farm a lot. This is not just any company, its a family business. One of the daughters is now a licensed Q-grader while the other one is working in business administration in the local coffee market.

The coffee from the Rodriguez family is continuing to improve every year. Not just the quality score of the coffee is raised, but there is a lot of tinkering on making the whole company practice more sustainable. Hence they have started to use an eco-pulper. Now when depulping the coffee, less water is needed to achieve the same results. They also are mindful on the waste compost and water from the coffee fermentation. They don’t dump it just on the ground, but make sure it is recycled in a proper way until it is given back to nature. By doing this the ground doesn’t become acidic and keeps on being a healthy environment.

Most of the coffee varieties on the farm are Caturra’s. They have been getting the best cup results from these trees. Thanks to new developments on the farm the quality of other varieties have been going up as well. We are excited to taste for instance the Castillo from El Paraïso…! We keep you posted!

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Huila, Colombia


Finca El Paraïso


Ernedis Rodriguez

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1840 masl

Coffee bean variety


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Chocolade flavour profile: chocolate with red fruits.

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