Coffee Colombia, Madremonte Collective

sweet, silky, caramel

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Madremonte X Dagger Coffee

WOOHOOOO!! This is part of our first batch Dagger Coffees!

Madremonte is a coffee which is exactly what we are looking for. The coffee is produced in a womens collective. The name of the coffee derives from Colombian mythology meaning something like “mother of the forest”. It is a symbol for protecting the forest.

This collective is part of a cooperation called “Cafe Mujered Cafeteras”. They support and empower women in the Huila region in Colombia. We got really excited once we heard what they had achieved. A higher income (closing the pay gap!), significantly higher quality coffee and training in leadership. All women receive 100% of the payed premium above the market price for this coffee.

Colombian coffee grows almost throughout the entire country. Huila is one of the better known coffee regions. The area is located a bit higher, resulting in more complex coffees.

The coffee is picked ripe and then washed processed. This means the skin of the cherry is removed and then placed in fermentation tanks filled with water. This fermentation takes (depending on the temperature) approximately two days. At the end floating beans are removed. These floaters are unripe beans, removing them will make the coffee more sweet. After fermenting the coffee is dried in greenhouse like places. This enables the coffee to dry slowly, but shelters them from the weather.

After dry-milling (the last step in the processing at origin!) the coffee is transported by ship to Europe!

This coffee is imported trough Nordic Approach. They are known for the commitment they show to farmers. By paying a premium for the coffees, producers are able to invest in the farm and thus the quality of the coffee. Which will likely result in a higher income for the producer.

At this time we roast every other Monday. The coffee will be send out after it has passed our quality control. The coffee we send out is a maximum of two weeks old. It usually takes around a week for the coffee to reach your doorstep. 


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Huila, Colombia


Multiple members of the cooperation Café Mujeres Cafeteras, part of Coocentral.


Cooperation Café Mujeres Cafeteras, part of Coocentral.

Verwerking van de koffiebessen



1800 – 2000 meters

Koffieboon variëteit

Colombia, Castillo, Caturra


Sweet with a silky mouthfeel. We have tasted cardamom, caramel and chocolate.