Coffee Honduras, Cabellero

Flavour profile: Tropical fruit. Tasting like: Dark chocolate and tropical fruits yoghurt

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Bomba de Fruta – Caballero 

This coffee is names after Marysabel Caballero. Together with her husband they farm a decent amount of land in Marcala, Honduras. It’s around 200 ha. Both her and her husband, Moises are coming from coffee families. Marysabel’s grandfather is often called a pioneer of coffee cultivation in Honduras.

For many year the coffee prices have been low. It has been hard to make a living wage out of farming coffee. And exactly at this point Marysabel and Moises inherit the farm from her father. Determined to raise the quality and thus the price they can ask for their coffee.

Their location isn’t the easiest location to produce coffee. This has nothing to do wit the soil. The soil is great! And they would like to keep it great by planting different kind of trees like mango, avocados and bananas. Which also provides the pickers with some extra food. What does make this a difficult place is the humidity. This makes it hard to dry the coffee properly, with the risk of ending up with mouldy flavours in the coffee. But by letting the coffee dry in relatively thin layers, the coffee flavour developed in a sweet fruit bomb.

This coffee is imported trough Nordic Approach. They are known for the commitment they show to farmers. By paying a premium for the coffees, producers are able to invest in the farm and thus the quality of the coffee. Which will likely result in a higher income for the producer.

At this time we roast every other Monday. The coffee will be send out after it has passed our quality control. The coffee we send out is a maximum of two weeks old. It usually takes around a week for the coffee to reach your doorstep. 


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Marcala – Honduras


Several farms owned by the Caballero family


Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera at wet mill Xinacla

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Tropical fruits: We tasted tropical fruits yoghurt and chocolate

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