Coffee Ethiopia, Shantawene Village

Flavour profile: Tropical fruit. Tasting like: raspberries, begamot

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Shantawenene Village – Daye Bensa

Usually we roast coffee from a slightly different region in Ethiopia. This is the first time we are offering coffee from Sidama, while we normally roast coffee from Guji. Both regions work sirt of the same, but there is a different culture between the people in the different regions.

In both regions, the typical coffee farmer would live off the land during the year. The coffee would be their cash crop, and normally that would provide money for the rest of the year. So these coffee trees are situated in the middle of their food forrest, so there is already is a lot of diversity in the plants there. There is also a good variety in the variaties of the coffee trees. Some of them would be there for over decades.

During harvest season, washing stations would compete in cherry prices. Which ever washing station is offering the highest prices, that would be the place where farmers would bring their picked red cherries in. It is steadily getting higher and higher. Currently we are even seeing sky rocketing prices, which is good for the farmers but a risk for the washing stations. This high cherry price makes a demand for high quality coffee. Otherwise the investment in the red cherries are not returned. That means the washing stations are handeling the cherries with great care, and extra sorting steps. We hope you would taste this in your cup!

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Sidama, Ethiopia


Around 1500 small holder farmers from Daye Bensa


Shantawene Gafisse Washing Station

Processing method



2000 – 2200

Coffee bean variety

Local varieties like Dega and Wolisho

Flavour profile

Tropical fruits, with flavours like raspberry and bergamot

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€3,14 (fairtrade (€3,34)


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First time (2022 – 120 kg)

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87,75 (by The Coffee Quest)