Hambela Wamena, Ethiopian coffee

Flavour profile: Tropical fruit. Tasting like: Cassis, Orange

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Hambela Wamena – Boku 

Although it’s the first time we have bought from this specific washing station, we have known and loved this village for the past couple of years. Just like last years we have bought a natural from this area. We love how clean the coffee tasted, and yet how distinctively fruity it is.

Just like all of Ethiopia, this coffee is grown organically. Because the soil is so fertile, and the ecosystem excelling there is no need for it. That being said, there is no company paid to hand out a certificate. Coffee like this grows in “coffee forests”. There is a big diversity of plants, which also feeds the village year round. The coffee is the cash crop for the year.

What is very special about this coffee, it that it is a single farmer Ethiopian coffee. Normally the entire village contributes to a coffee lot. This being a single farmers, we know better what variety is in the coffee, but there is also a strict quality control on when the coffee should be harvested. Resulting in a more complex delicious coffee!

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Guji, Ethiopia


Around 600 small holder farmers from Hambela Wamena district


Wet mill Guduba

Processing method



2000 – 2500

Coffee bean variety

Dega and Wolisho

Flavour profile

Tropical fruits, with flavours like cassis and orange

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€ 9,07 p/kg

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€ 4,82 p/kg (Fair Trade €5,02)


Nordic approach

Purchase history

Third time (2020 – 120kg / 2021 – 300 kg / 2022 – 180 kg)

Quality score

87 (by Nordic Approach)