Coffee Ethiopia, Benti Nenka

Flavour profile: Tropical fruit. Tasting like: Cassis, Orange

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Benti Nenka 

This is our third year featuring Benti Nenka, and we are just too excited to share it with you.

We have to admit. We are a sucker for almost any coffees coming from Ethiopia. That being said, the transparency of the coffee produced is often not that easy. It is hard to truely track a cash flow of a paid premium, to guarantee it is delivered to the coffee farmers. Therefor we found it important to work with trustworthy partners and producers, that have build a steady relationship.

This coffee is by default produced organic (like many Ethiopian coffees), although this particular coffee did not purchased de certificate for this. The coffee grows in a semi-forest, surrounded with a variety of plants. The farmers from this region often have an extra cash crop like corn, giving them the luxury to have enough money to wait until the coffee cherries fully ripen. If coffees are picked when they are fully ripe, it will result in more complex and sweet coffees. Which is exactly what we love in this coffee. These high quality cherries enable the coffee farmers to gain a higher price for their coffee cherries. The wet mill now offers the farmers about the c-market coffee price for their cherries. This is extremely high, considering the c-market price is for fully processed coffee, which have lost about 70-80% of their initial weight during processing.

The coffee is unwashed processed. Unlike the previous coffees we have bought from this washing station last years.

This coffee is imported trough Nordic Approach. They are known for the commitment they show to farmers. By paying a premium for the coffees, producers are able to invest in the farm and thus the quality of the coffee. Which will likely result in a higher income for the producer.

At this time we roast every other Monday. The coffee will be send out after it has passed our quality control. The coffee we send out is a maximum of two weeks old. It usually takes around a week for the coffee to reach your doorstep. 

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Guji, Ethiopia


Around 600 small holder farmers from Hambela Wamena district


Wet mill Guduba

Processing method



2000 – 2500

Coffee bean variety

Dega and Wolisho

Flavour profile

Tropical fruits, with flavours like cassis and orange

FOB prijs

€ 9,07 p/kg

C-market price at the time of purchase (for comparison)

€ 4,82 p/kg (Fair Trade €5,02)


Nordic approach

Purchase history

Third time (2020 – 120kg / 2021 – 300 kg / 2022 – 180 kg)

Quality score

87 (by Nordic Approach)