Coffee Peru, La Granadilla

Milk chocolate, floral

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We could write an essay on the things we love about La Granadilla. As a starter, the farm is names after (arguably) the best tasting fruit in Colombia ;).

Owner of the farm, Sergio Chinguel Alberca, just started producing specialty coffees. Last year his mother, Maria Esminda Espinoza, succeeded in producing the high quality standard, which specialty coffee requires. This inspired her three sons to do the same. They all own a farm, bordering Maria’s. The choice of starting producing high quality (specialty) coffee, is not an easy one to make. There is a lot of risk involved. Your specific farm needs to have potential for starters. There needs to be knowledge about botanical aspects of the plants and producing (fermenting) the coffee. And last but not least, there had to be a buyer who is willing to pay a higher price for this higher quality. Fortunately, with Sergio and his family this all worked out. We would even argue they are now producing one of the best coffees coming from Peru.

Located around 1900 masl in Sport Piura  Sergio’s farm is about three square meters. Two thirds of his farm contain coffee plants. After picking the coffee cherries, the cherries are depulped and fermented in water for 22 hours. After this the coffee is being washed, where the mucilage of the cherries are removes. The beans are given a covered drying period of around two to four weeks.

The entire family is a member of the cooperation Cedros in Cajamarca, which is part of the umbrella of Café Selca Norte. They share knowledge about producing high quality coffee, and using the land sustainably. The encourage (re)foresting and have been able to collectively reduce C02 emissions with  3.8 millions ton of reduced in about a years time.

Thanks to the amazing quality Sergio is producing, he is now profiting form his coffee production. There has been 277% payed above the global coffee marked price. Part of this profit is also payed to the cooperation, transport and sustainability projects.

Because of the pandemic, nobody has been visiting this farm after meeting and tasting the coffees from Maria. Hence, we only have picture to show you from Maria. But honestly, since she is the inspiration of het three sons, the pictures are for sure a good image of where this coffee is from.



The coffee is grown organically (the farm holds a license)

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Guji, Ethiopia


Several small holder farmers from Hambela Wamena district


Eyasu Worasa from wet mill Guduba

Verwerking van de koffiebessen



1900 – 2100

Koffieboon variëteit

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Sweet, fruity, silky mouthfeel. We have tasted peach, bergamot and chocolate. This coffee is just really yummy.