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Flavour profile: Tropical fruit. Tasting like: Yoghurt-lollies and red wine

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Frinsa Collective 

Frinsa Estate is in the good hands of Atieq Mustikaningtyas en her husband Wildan Mustofa. Indonesia had an amazing potential for coffee. It’s around the equator, it has higher regions and the ground is fertile. Despite these great conditions, Indonesia is known for their earthy flavors. It’s due because most of the coffee is wet hulled. Green coffee has a natural protection layer, we call a parchment. Leaving this on, up until the coffee is ready for export keeps the coffee fruity and balanced. And this is not only something we love but also the folks at Frinsa Estate. They are really not afraid of funky fruity flavors, and experiment in fermentation to create even more fruity flavors. This coffee is a great example of this. 

So you would probably want to hear how they have designed the fermentation of this coffee. When the cherries arrive, they first give the cherries a good washing. Washing off a bit of the microorganisms on the skins of the coffee. They place the cherries in airtight environments, where they add bacteria from the lactobacillus family. After this first step in the fermentation, the cherries are dried on drying beds.  While the cherries are as a whole dried, we like to call this process a natural coffee, while it’s fermented in an anaerobic environment. Curious what flavors this process lights up? Of course you should try for yourself, but we have tasted yoghurt lollies and red wine.  

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Java – Indonesia


Several farms located at west Java (Sunda)


Frinsa Estate: Atieq Mustikaningtyas and her husband Wildan Mustofa

Processing method

Unwashed (anaerobic)

Coffee bean variety

Borbor, Lini S, Ateng super, Timor, Sigarar Utang, P88

Flavour profile

Tropical fruits: We tasted yoghurt lollies and red wine

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€10,02 p/kg

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€ 3,57 p/kg (Fair Trade €3,77)


Nordic approach

Purchase history

First time (2023 – 120 kg)

Quality score

86(by Nordic Approach)