Coffee Colombia, El Dragòn (decaf)

Flavour profile: chocolate. Tasting like milk chocolate

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Frutas Prohibidas – Coffee Quest 

Death before decaf? We would rather live to taste the most amazing decaf coffees.

Ever since the start of Dagger Coffee we have believed the delicious decaf is out there. The problem with decaf is often that the coffee that is being used is of poor quality. The process of decaffeinating coffee is an extra step in the process, hence the price will be higher. Most roasters are excited to pay for a higher quality, but just not this extra step of decaffeinating added to the already higher price of quality coffee. Also, there is just less demand for decaf. This all doesn’t add up to great decaf being widely available.

As a flavour profile it really matches our chocolate range. It has some milk chocolate characteristics as well as cacao.

All of these coffees are produced as a washed coffee, all from the Nariño region. One of the 22 producers is Luis (who is in the picture!). Washing the coffee means they all dry with a removed mucilage. The decaffeination process takes place in Colombia. Which is great, since the coffee will lose its caffeine, while it is still fresh. We are not losing anytime, with shipping it to different countries so the coffee also stays fresh and the coffee retains its fruity character.

Honestly we love this decaf, and we could drink it all day. Even as our first morning coffee.

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Huila, Colombia


Laboyano group (60%), Santa Maria Collective, Finca El Mirrador, Finca El Paraïso


Laboyano group (60%), Santa Maria Collective, Torres Family, Rodrigues Family.

Processing method

Gewassen, CO2 decaffeinated

Coffee bean variety

Different varieties, existing in the region.

Flavour profile

Chocolate profile: milk chocolate, creamy, cacao.

FOB prijs

Laboyano group: €5,37 (farm gate price) p/kg

C-market price at the time of purchase (for comparison)

€4,66 (Fair Trade Price €4,86) p/kg


The Coffee Quest

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First time (2022 – 35 kilo)

Quality score

84 (by The Coffee Quest)