Commandante hand grinder

hand grinder

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This is the ideal grinder for people who want coffee shop quality ground coffee at home or on the go. This grinder has different grind settings that are convenient for espresso as well as filter coffees. This makes this grinder unique compared to other cheaper hand grinders. Grinding coffee is easy and goes smoothly with the Comandante C40 MK3 Nitro Blade Wenge.

There are various premium hand grinders available. We have chosen this one for its quality of produced grounds, including the quality of grounds for espresso. Additionally we like the design a lot, which makes it an object you don’t need to hide in the kitchen.

You can use this grinder for both filter and espresso coffees. Beware that the espresso setting will come with a free arm excursive. Or see this as a big bonus, because you will save money on the gym!

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Stainless steel burrs, wooden handle and grip, glass container.

Maximale inhoud

30-40 grams of coffee, depending on the density of your beans.


The grind size is adjustable. This is done by twisting a knob that can be found underneath the burrs.