Coffee Colombia, El Mandarino

Flavour profile: Chocolate

Milk chocolate, tangerine

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El Mandarino – Yulieth Anaconda 

Yulieth inherited the coffee farm from her in laws, by which she is continuing a tradition of producing coffee for over three generations. What makes their farm really special is they have a strong focus on producing coffee with a respect for the environment surrounding them. By doing this the hope to ensure a sustainable and climate proof farm.

We bought Yulieth’s coffee in collaboration with Inconexus. We have been searching for a partner who had a clear vision on empowering women in coffee production. Especially one to hopefully build a sustainable relationship with. It was no suprise we were thrilled when we were introduced to Jitka from Inconexus. She is the strongest link in a special program within Inconexus called the Women’s Power Program. We believe this is very importand, since 70% of the labour in coffee is done by women. But have significantly less acces to financing, networking, education and markets. You might be surprised to hear thism but importers have told us “they don’t offer (more) female produced coffee, since roasters have no interest in purching coffee produced by women”. Some believes, we pity. Since it is only widening the gender gap in coffee. Something we actively like to challenge.

Inconexus is especially active in more rural areas, since the gab is greatest here. They provide training in coffee production, help them seek a market an thus generating a stable income to help equality within the industry.

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Huila, Colombia


El Mandarino


Yulieth Anaconda 

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Chocolate profile: we have tasted milk chocolate and tangerine

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Inconexus (Women's Power Project)

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