Hario V60 paper filters

Coffee filter

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A v60 is not complete without filters. These Hario filters are specially designed for using them with your Hario V60. The filters come in two sizes, for the small (01) and the large (02) v60.

There are two production styles from Hario for these V60 filters. We offer the ones that have a quicker brewing time.

We would recommend 10 – 18 grams of ground coffee used for 150 – 300 grams of water for the small (01) version,

For the bigger (02) versions we recommend 15 – 30 grams of ground coffee used for 250 – 500 grams of water.

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Additional information

V60 versie

01 (small), 02 (bigger)


100 filters





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V60 dripper, coffee

Hoeveelheid (ml) gezetten koffie

150 tot 300 ml voor de kleine (01) of 250 tot 500 ml voor de grotere (02)

Aangeraden hoeveelheid (gr) gemalen koffie

10 – 18 grams for the smaller (01) version, 15-30 grams for the bigger version (02)


Fold the paper open and place it in your v60. Wet the paper with hot water before you start brewing your coffee.

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