Hario V60 Plastic Dripper

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What’s great about a v60? Well first of all the beautiful angle of 60º. The plastic of this device doesn’t take up a lot of heat, especially compared to the ceramic version. This will give you a more consistent brewing temperature. Another big plus is that you can drop it without it instantly breaking, this has saved us at Dagger Coffee a lot of €’s. The value for money is the best part about this product. The only downside is that it is a bit hard to pour your v60’s with high consistency. What helps is using a kettle with a gooseneck instead of a regular kettle. 

We offer two different sizes of V60. The 01 and 02, which differ in size. If you use a bigger version, while brewing less coffee, you can create more turbulence in your brewing bed. This could give you a bit less control on your brew.

We recommend using 10 – 18 grams of coffee for the smaller (01) version, using a recipe of with 150 – 300 grams of water.

For the bigger version (02) we recommend using 15 – 30 grams of ground coffee and 250 – 500 grams of brewing water.

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V60 versie

01 (small), 02 (big)




10 cm



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Hoeveelheid (ml) gezetten koffie

130 – 270 for the smaller version (01), or 220, 440 for the bigger version (02)

Aangeraden hoeveelheid (gr) gemalen koffie

10 – 18 gram for the smaller version (01), 15-30 gram for the bigger (02)


Put the filter in the v60 and wet it with hot water. By doing this you make sure there is no papery taste to your coffee. Put your v60 on a mug or another vessel. Put your ground coffee in the v60. We like to use approximately 30 grams. Pre-wet the coffee grounds with 30 grams of water. Wait a couple of seconds and start pouring your water on top of the coffee as you like it. Try to use around 500 grams of water for your total brew. In 3-4 minutes you’ll have a great filter coffee!

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