JOV Coffee, Colombia

Flavour profile: tropical fruits: banana, dark chocolate

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JOV Coffee  – Juan David Cardona

Juan runs a collective of fifteen, mostly young farmers. Juan who is just in the middle of it’s twenties where more than half of the group is female. This diversification,  and rejuvenation is necessary to secure to future of coffee.  A lot of coffee farmers are aging and will retire soon.


The collective is known for the love to experiment with fermentation. We have tasted extremely funky profile of them, but this years we mellowed it out a little bit on funkiness. This coffee is tasting very clean, because it is a single variety and a peaberry. Which mean the coffee is extremely well sorted. And that we will taste in the cup!

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Antioquia, Colombia


JOV Coffee (collective). Young farmers in the region of Bolivar


Collectief onder leiding van Juan David Cardona

Processing method



1750 – 2100 meter


Castillo (peaberry)

Favour profile

Tropical. We have tasted banana and dark chocolate

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€ 3,87 (Fair Trade €4,07)


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