Coffee Ethiopia,Uraga Raro

Flavour profile: Stone fruit. Tasting like: Earl grey tea, peach

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Uraga Raro

This coffee comes from one of our favourite coffee regions in Ethiopia: Guji! We love these coffees since they often taste floral, fruity and are sweet.

Uraga Raro is as washing station (a place where coffee cherries are processed) with around 430 farmers who deliver cherries. They all live in the surrounding area. These farmers are often picking the cherries themselves, since the trees are on their own ground. De farmers in this region often have a fruitful harvest. The soil is fertile, and is well maintained by the farmers. Coffee has been growing here for many, many years so there is a lot of know how to create happy coffee trees. The coffee trees live in what we call a “semi-forest”. This doesn’t only create a very picturesque surrounding of the trees, but it also generates a great bio-diversity. This makes the coffee trees more resistant against diseases. Just like most of Ethiopian coffees, this coffee is grown organically, although no trademark has been bought to verify this.

On most coffee bags featuring Ethiopian coffee you will find the “variety” “Heirloom”.  This means the person who has bought the coffee, hasn’t been updated what varieties have been grown by the farmers. Often the farmers do have this knowledge, and the process of sharing this information has been improved over the last couple of years. This is also thanks to a project called: “A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties”, which has been an (ongoing) study to document which varieties are cultivated and their characteristics. This helps us complete the story about your coffee a bit more. It also helps farmers picking the right varieties for their needs. The varieties in this coffee are Welisho and Kurume, which are typical for this region.

The coffee has been trough a washed process. In this case it means the coffee has been depulped, and fermented in a water basin. After 48 hours, the coffee is washed and soaked in clean water for two hours. The final step in the process a drying time of ten days.

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Guji – Ethiopia


Several small holder farmers from Raro


Wet mill Raro. Station manager: Assefa Negusse

Processing method



1950 – 2000

Coffee bean variety

Kurume and Wolisho

Flavour profile

Stonefruit: with peaches, and tons of florals

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