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The small milk jug from Rhinowares is perfect for texturing milk for one cappuccino, flat white or latte. The bigger version works for the double amount of the smaller version. 

With proper use the capacity of this jug gives your milk all the room to start creating milk foam while also making sure you don’t waste a lot of milk while only texturising for one drink. This jug also has the perfect spout to pour latte art. This specific spout gives you more control over the speed in which the milk leaves the jug.

Using the small jug we recommend a minimum amount of 130 grams and a maximum of 200 grams (plant based) milk, for the best results.

Using the bigger jug we advice a minimum of 280 grams and 320 gram maximum (plant based) milk.

Texturise your milk with 20% – 50% increasement and do not exceed a 65C temperature while heating.

If your are preparing milk for two coffees, best results will be achieved when you will split your milk before pouring it in your coffee. By doing this you can divide the foam more even between the two coffees. For example you can use an extra milk jug for this.

To minimise waste, the jug is equipped with dosages lines on the inside. Helping you work more consistent, and waste less milk.

The spout is well designed for latte art. The sharp rim makes it less likely drops of milk will stick to your jug, while making it easy to control the speed of your pour.

Of course you can also use this jug as server for filter coffees. We would recommend the bigger one for this.

We also host latte art trainings! Check out our latte art training page for more information and upcoming dates.

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350 ml (small), 600 ml (big)


Stainless steel




Texturise your desired amount of foam as fast as possible. Don't worry about bigger bubbles being formed, but worry about your milk constantly spinning around. If you have your desired amount of foam, keep on spinning the milk without texturing until you reach a maximum of 65C for the best results.

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