Scale Acaia Pearl

Coffee tools

160.00 incl btw

This scale truly is our best friend behind the bar. It’s sleek, fast responding, compact and very easy to use. The Acaia Pearl is even water resistant, which comes in handy when you accidentally spill some coffee. Although it survives water spillage, you should not drop it in a sink full of water.

The scale will make it easier to reproduce your coffee recipe. It comes with a build in timer function. Additionally it can connect trough Bluetooth to an app. This app enables you to track and reproduce your brews. The app can also track the speel of your water flow. 

The settings of the scale can be personalised. The sound, the sleep function or what functions to use on the scale is all part of the software.


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Outside is made of plastic




Rubber heat resistant pad

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2 kg


0.1 gram


Charged via USB


160mm(W) x 160mm(L) x 32mm(H)