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This tamper has a great value for money ratio. The tamper is very light, which is nice in an ergonomic sense. De base of the tamper fits tight into a (VST) basket, which will enable you to extract more and more evenly, resulting in more delicious espressos. The tamper has a replaceable base, which comes in handy if you accidentally drop it (we’ve all been there…). The base is designed so that it makes it harder to vacuum your coffee grounds when you tamp your coffee. The tamper is relatively light, a positive on the ergonomics being a machine.  

A good tamper is essential for making great espresso. The better a tamper fits into a filter basket, the more you can extract from a coffee. It reduced the outside channeling of a coffee puck. 

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It is made from anodized aluminium with a stainless steel base.


58,4 mm diameter, fits in most VST baskets. Because of the precise diameter, it is not a one size fits all.



Gewicht tamper

250 gram


Distribute the coffee even in your (VST) filter basket. Tamp your coffee until you feel resistance from your coffee. Harder is not always better, nor is faster. Make sure to be straight, rather than being really strong. When you pull out too fast, the coffee may get into a vacuum, so be cautious when pulling out of the filter basket.
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