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Filter coffee workshop


Filter coffee workshop

Almost every home barista starts with making filter coffees. Also, most professional barista’s prefer brewing a filter coffee at home. But how can you brew this delicious filter coffee, as you have tasted in the cafe? During this filter coffee workshop, we will guide you in creating that delicious cup at home!

Filter coffee is among coffee people a favourite coffee brewing method. You don’t need a fancy espresso machine, and there are many variations possible in brewing recipes. All these techniques influence the flavour in your cup. Think about the difference between a paper (like a v60) or a cloth filter (for instance a syphon). Or perhaps the difference between in immersion (French press) method and a drip method (Moccamaster).

During this filter coffee workshop we will use both drip – and immersion brewers. By any means you can also bring your own methods, in order to get the best out of your home gear at the end of the workshop. We will have enough brew gear to try out different methods.

The goal is to understand the variables of filter coffee and to manipulate them to your liking. After the filter coffee workshop you will have enough understanding of coffee brewing to get the best out of any coffee. We will also provide you with tips to bring consistency to your brewing.

Depending on when you enrol, we will give a weeks acces to the online courses of Barista Hustle. Here you can already read about the basics of percolation. Are you a learner that likes to read all information before the course, or somebody that likes to read everything afterwords? You can decide when you want your acces, to suit your learning style.

This workshop is specifically aimed for home barista’s. This means we won’t focus on batch brewing techniques nor speed of the recipe. Interested in a filter coffee training focussed on your bar situation? Send us an e-mail!

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Specifications training

Price (per individual)
€55 (incl. VAT)
Group price
Starting from €250 (excl. VAT)
3 hours
Europalaan 500, Utrecht (or for group bookings any location you prefer)
Getting the best out of any filter coffee
Target group
Barista's, both home and professional

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