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Company outing & coffee bar on site

Beste barista

Company outing and coffee bar on site

We can facilitate training for large groups. The most suitable training for large groups are the “sensory training” and the “origins of coffee training”. We can easily alter the setup to fit the size of the group or to fit in a bit better to the goals you have set for the (team building) day. That being said, we can go crazy and put down a bunch of espresso machines and learn the entire company to pour latte art in cappuccinos. 

We can provide coffee equipment on site for different events. We can arrange a bar with an espresso machine (or multiple). Behind a great machine, should stand a skilled barista. For any event we gather a barista or a team of baristas that maintain a high standard of hospitality, quality and problem solving capabilities. We know what’s needed to make any event run smoothly. Of course we can arrange plenty of things to cater exactly to your needs. As a small example we could arrange branded cups during the event or brew your favourite style of coffee. There is no limit to the amount of people of coffee we can serve. Just let us know what to expect and we are ready to pull espresso shots with the speed of light. 

Get a quoteCheck out the "Sensory training: flavours in coffee"Check out the "The origins of coffee: an introduction to coffee cupping" workshop.


Group price
Prices vary per option and group size. Starting at €225 excluding VAT
Depending on your needs anywhere between 2 hours and multiple days.
Anywhere! Or in our space in Utrecht or Rotterdam
Having a great day and possibly learning something about coffee! Maybe even teaching all your colleagues how to brew some great coffee at the office.
Target group
Larger groups who would like to learn something about coffee and are looking for a fun activity or companies who are looking for great coffee at their event or project day.

We love to help shape your team event. A coffee workshop, coffee bar and catering? We can all take care of it!