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The origins of coffee: an introduction to coffee cupping

The origins of coffee: an introduction to coffee cupping

This training is focused on learning the theory behind coffee. Where does coffee grow, and how are flavour characteristics formed into coffee? You will learn how different coffee farms can look, how coffee harvest works and how a red coffee cherrie will turn into the brown coloured beans we all know and love. To process this knowledge we will setup a coffee cupping (a coffee tasting session) together. During the cupping different coffees will be tasted and compared. By doing this the differences between the coffees will become clear. For instance the taste profile of a washed coffee is completely different from an unwashed coffee. We will taste flavours that you didn’t expect to find in a coffee. Some coffee can taste like peaches or dark chocolate, some you might like and some you will love. We will also compare commodity supermarket coffee to the more exclusive range from small specialty coffee roasters.

By the end you know what kind of coffee you prefer, so the process of picking a coffee in a specialty coffee shop becomes a bit easier. 

All coffees left after the cupping session will be handout to the participants be taken home. We will try to set everyone up with their favourite coffee from the cupping. While depending on what we can get our hand on, and the exclusiveness of the coffees, we will aim that everyone will go home with 200 grams of coffee. 

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Specifications training

Group price
€225 (excl. VAT), seven people and up €15 extra p.p.
Amount of people
No minimum, no maximum
2.5 hours
In our space in Utrecht or Rotterdam. Also available at any other location!
A complimentary bag of coffee for all participants
Getting familiar with the basics of coffee. By the end you’ll know exactly the journey of a coffee beans and how coffees get their distinct flavour.
Target group
Beginner baristas and people who have no (specialty) coffee experience yet but would like to learn the basics of coffee. Very suitable for larger groups.

We can cater this workshop to any group size!