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Latte art + Milk Science

Latte art + Milk Science

Everybody can learn how to pour great latte art. Within three hours we will make sure that everyone can at least pour a heart in a cappuccino, a flat white or a latte.

During this training we provide some background information on milk. What all the values on the back and what kind of influence on flavour are the processing methods described of the bottle means and what part of this information is useful for when you want to pick a milk to make latte art. What are the myths about latte art?

In this Latte art training we start with creating a steady base to texturise milk. A very important activity for almost all baristas. What is the best way to hold your milk jug in relation to your espresso machine? And when do you stop texturing your milk? After this part everyone is able to independently texturise their milk, suitable for latte art and we can start pouring, We will start with making hearts, go on to tulips and rosetta’s and by doing this we have nailed the basics of nearly all latte art patterns. 

Upcoming dates

  • Thursday August 27th from 19:00 until 22.00
  • Thursday October 1st from 19:00 until 22.00
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Specificaties training

Price when individually enrolling
€85 (incl. VAT)
Group price
Starting at €250 (excl. VAT).
Aantal personen
No minimum, no maximum
3 hours
In our space in Utrecht or Rotterdam. Also available on any other location.
We aim to get everyone acquainted with different latte art figures like rosettas, tulips and even swans by the end of the training. We also provide the necessary tools, tips and tricks to continue practicing at home or at work.
Target group
Everyone who’d like their (plant based)milk coffees to look great.

This training costumed to your needs? A solely plant based training, more advanced patterns of more time on milk tasting?