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Sensory training

Sensory koffie training

Sensory Training: flavours in coffee workshop

This is our favourite training. Everyone, no matter what their skill level is, can benefit from this training. Team Dagger does this training themselves once a year, to recalibrate our own language amongst our team. During this training you are constantly updating and calibrating your own flavour pallet. You see why we found it important to recap this training every year with our own team. Different sensory skills will be practiced during this training, for example tasting differences in intensity of flavour. But also naming different smells, recognising different flavours of fruit and recognising and remembering a variety of coffee flavours.

Flavour descriptors are based on agreements in language how to describe certain flavour characteristics in a certain food, or in our case coffee. This can help us to praise the work of producers better and it helps us to communicate the story of a particular coffee to others. The theory of describing flavours is completely based on references. We have to keep tasting, remembering and calibrating to make references to all the flavours we have stored in our memories. Like what is the difference in flavour for dark chocolate and milk chocolate. We can all taste the difference and this training gives you a vocabulary to use in a team or to communicate in a more relatable way to guests. This will make it easier for you to place a comparable reference from a guest in your own vocabulary. Always remember there is no right or wrong, just a language we are now exploring during the training.  

Upcoming dates

  • Friday September 4th from 19.00 until 21.30
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Specifications training

Price for individual enrolment
€50 (incl. VAT)
Group price
Starting at €325 (excl. VAT). An additional €25 p.p. for 10 people or up.
Amount of people
No minimum, nor maximum
2.5 hours
In our space in Utrecht or Rotterdam, or at any location you prefer.
The goal of this training is calibrating flavour and smell descriptors and gaining confidence in your own taste skills.
Target group
Barista's and other hospitality professionals, home-barista’s. Very suitable for larger groups such as company outings, bachelor parties, or coffee friends get togethers.

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