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Bachelor(ette) party and coffee bar at your wedding

Het leukste vrijgezellenfeestje

Bachelor(ette) party and coffee bar at your wedding

Are you getting married? Or is one of your friends getting married? And does the bride or groom obsess over coffee? That calls for a coffee themed bachelor/bachelorette activity! We can organise a coffee training as part of your bachelor party. For this we like our “Sensory Training” and “The origins of coffee: an introduction to coffee cupping” the best. During the “Sensory training” we will play games training and testing your ability to taste. If there are some non-coffee lovers accidentally part of the group, this is actually a fun training for all. In the training “Where does coffee come from?” we will focus more on the production process of coffee and how certain flavour characteristics are formed in coffee. If you want to read more about the training, both training pages provide more information on the contents and the pricing. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about our other training like brewing filter coffee at home or a latte art training. When you are with a big group, we can arrange multiple espresso machines so everyone gets enough time to practice. 

Before or after the training we can also arrange some cake and coffee, a high tea or a lunch. Depending on what your program is, we like to cater to your needs. 

Oh and by the way, we also enjoy serving coffee at weddings. We can even bring our own bar! 

Get a quote for a workshop or mobile barCheck our Sensory Training: flavours in coffeeCheck our origins of coffee workshop


Group price
Starting from €225 excluding BTW
Depending on your needs
Anywhere! The workshops can also be held in our space in Utrecht or Rotterdam
Having a fun bachelors/bachelorette and learning something about coffee.
Target group
Bachelor/bachelorettes. Or bride and grooms to be, who are keen on drinking great coffee on the big day.

We love to help shape all the crazy ideas you have. Very specific on the decoration? Or certain flavours that have to be present in a training? We'll do our best to cater to your ideas!